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This title is given to the late Glaswegian hill-goer and compiler of mountain-tables - William McKnight Docharty (13). In Munro history, he made the first grand slam of Munros, Tops and Furths.

A recent inspection of his hill diary English, Irish and Welsh Mountain Excursions, volume 1, interestingly revealed that he climbed all the Furths (bar Ill Crag) in September 1948; the itinerary of his traverse is given here:-

Monday, 13th - Macgillycuddy's Reeks
Tuesday, 14th - Brandon Mountain
Wednesday, 15th - Galtymore
Thursday, 16th - Lugnaquillia
Friday, 17th - The Carneddau
Saturday, 18th - The Glyderau
Sunday, 19th - Snowdon
Tuesday, 21st - The Scafells (minus Ill Crag)
Thursday, 23rd - Skiddaw
Friday, 24th - Helvellyn

The concluding summit - Ill Crag - was reached at 3.15 pm on Thursday, 29 September 1949.

I would like to thank Olive Geddes and other members of staff at the National Library of Scotland, for their kind assistance.

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