Tuesday, 4 July 2017

THE 1960s

This is a nod to Eric Maxwell, the man who started the catalogue of Munroists and Furthists in 1960 with his article Quod Erat Faciendum ('What Is Required' in Scotland and beyond its borders). He updated this annually in the Grampian Club Bulletin until 1971. By this time, the Scottish Mountaineering Club had taken over maintaining his list. 

The following information covers the 1960s, and is presented in Maxwellian fashion, with additional details [gleaned from elsewhere]. It may prove impossible to establish final Furths for some individuals, as a number of them may, sadly, no longer be with us. At least precise dates help with the completion timeline.

ANNE LITTLEJOHN - Munros, Tops and Furth [Brandon Mtn,* 18/11/1960].
NAN RAE,*  aka Miller - Furth [Ireland], 1961.
LORNA TICEHURST - Munros, Tops and Furth, 29/09/1962.
HUGH LYONS - Furth [Ireland, -/05/1965].
HENRY S.K. STAPLEY - Furth, 30/10/1965.
HASWELL OLDHAM - Munros and Furth [Ireland, 1966], 06/12/1969.
HAMISH M. BROWN - See Hamish Brown's Furths, 4 January 2015.
GEORGE M. SMITH - Furth [04/08/1968].
ROBERT AITKEN - Furth [England, 1969].
ERIC BEARD - Munros and Furth, 16/05/1969.
GEORGE C. SIME - Furth [Brandon Mountain], 10/07/1969.
DONALD GREEN - Furth [Brandon Mountain], 10/07/1969.
DONALD HAWKSWORTH - Furth, 14/07/1969.
WILLIAM SHAND - Furth, 07/09/1969.
ALAN C. GARDNER - Furth, 14/07/1970.
MILES HUTCHINSON - Furth [Brandon Mountain, 23/09/1970].

* Ladies Scottish Climbing Club's 53rd Annual Record (Jan 1960 - Jan '61). Anne Littlejohn was the first woman to complete the Munro Grand Slam. Immediately after finishing her Munros on An Teallach in late August 1960, Nan Rae completed her English Furths and Welsh Carneddau. In September, she traversed the Glyderau and Snowdon tops.

My thanks to LSCC Archivist, Alison Higham and her predecessor, Helen Steven, for kindly supplying this information.

Simon Glover
June 2018

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